How To Get Life Insurance For Foreign Nationals In US

How To Get Life Insurance For Foreign Nationals In US

Are you a foreign national looking to get Life Insurance in the USA? The good news is that you are not the only one. There are many people who have worked or studied in the USA on temporary visas, working holidaymakers, ex-pats, and others. Now they have returned back to their native countries but still have some commitments pending in the USA like student loans, credit card payments, etc. In such a case, one is very much tempted to buy a life insurance policy in the USA and use it for paying off the pending installments back home. A US Life Insurance Policy will cover you anywhere in the world, and you can get benefits from your nominees, especially after your death.

In this article, we are going to tell you about all that you need to know in order to get a life insurance for non us citizen policy in the USA.

Get a quote from a US Life Insurance Company

The first step towards buying a life insurance policy is to get an online quote from the best companies offering different kinds of plans. You can compare all the quotes online and then choose one that is best for you within your budget.

Buy Life Insurance in the USA

The following steps are to be followed before buying life insurance for non us residents in the US:

Get an SSN Number (Social Security Number)

Most companies require you to have an SSN number or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). SSN number is given by the SSA (Social Security Administration) after filling out some forms. You can get these forms from any local Social Security Office or download them online. The whole process usually takes about 15 days.

Fill up the application form

Once you receive your SSN, fill up the application form with complete details of yourself and your family members.

Get a medical exam

You need to provide a complete medical history and undergo a physical examination. If the company is satisfied with your health, it will give you a final quote on your policy.

Sign documents

Once everything is approved, you have to sign some papers and pay the first premium of your policy so as to get coverage for yourself.

Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals: Documents required

You would require certain documents during this procedure that can be downloaded from the internet or obtained from the SSA office nearby your home country. Your application form must be filled in English; however, all other documents can be filled in the local language.

If you are not sure about filling the forms correctly, ask a friend or family member who knows English well to help you out.

Application form

Fill it in English, but other documents can be filled in your local language. You would require a photocopy of the original document so that you know the right version when needed. Some companies ask for originals, and some don’t.

Birth certificate

It is to be translated into English since this is one of the important documents that will be required by the SSN office and company while processing your application.

Marriage certificate

If you are married, get a certified copy of the marriage certificate and bring along the original on the day of the medical exam (in case they need it). The hospital or doctor conducting your physical examination might need to make changes in this document, such as verification, which has to be done by the local authorities.

Work and residency history

A complete work and residency history is required to get a life insurance policy in the USA. You would also need the details of your current job and salary. So make sure you have all this information on hand before applying for any US life insurance policy.


It must be valid at the time of application, more than six months after buying a new policy, three years after taking out a new policy, or five years (whichever is longer) after the renewal of an existing one.

Driver’s license

If you own one, then it has to be presented on the day of physical examination so that doctor can examine its fitness. Make sure it has not expired as some companies do not accept an expired license.

Age proof

An age certificate from your country is required, but in most cases, it can be substituted with a photocopy of a birth certificate. Make sure you have the original when going for a physical examination. If you are older than sixty-five, then bring along the original as well when going to take a medical exam.

Passport size photos

As many as possible to avoid any inconvenience later on. You must carry these photos for identification purposes during medical examination and also when buying a new policy. Most companies require two copies of each photo, so you can keep one copy for yourself and hand over another one at the time of physical examination or signing documents at your local SSA office or company’s corporate office.

Proof of income

If you are employed, then bring an updated pay slip and the contract letter if it is on a periodical basis (monthly / quarterly). You can also show proof of self-employment, for which you will have to produce documents that prove your business status. Check with your company whether they accept photocopies or originals of these documents at the time of filling the application form.

Divorce decree/ child custody papers

Make sure you have all these proofs just in case they are required at any point while processing your policy.

Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals: Premiums

The premium amount depends upon many factors like age, physical health, family medical history, pre-existing conditions, etc. An insurance agent will be able to help you determine your premium amount by taking into account all these factors.

1. Foreign nationals may be asked to get physical exams and medical tests done in their home country or any other country that does not require a pre-existing condition to be disclosed. This will save them from paying more premiums at the initial stage since their health condition might be considered ‘normal’ for their nationality, ethnic group, or race.

2. There are companies that offer life insurance coverage at very low rates of interest, so it would be better if you could compare offers and buy policies for foreign nationals from such companies.

Some companies also offer additional benefits like accidental death cover and waiver of premium in case of adverse medical reports.

3. You can also buy a life insurance policy from a local agent who has been helping people from your country for many years. He would know more about policies and rates offered by certain companies, so it would be easier to get the best deal with his help.

Insurance premiums of foreign nationals are lower as compared to American citizens because they have no obligation to repay loans or mortgages. In most cases, you will not be required to pay any medical test fee or multiple copies of application forms either. However, there is one round of medical exams that must be undergone during the initial stages, but after that, only a few tests may be conducted on an annual basis.

Can Work Visa Nationals Get Life Insurance?

Yes, they can. Those who hold a green card may avail of life insurance cover at prices similar to those offered to US citizens. However, non-resident visa holders and those on business visas cannot buy life insurance policies as there is no reciprocity between the United States and the other country. If such an agreement does exist with any country, then it can only be with a few nations.

How Much Life Insurance Costs to Non-US Citizens?

This is a question that plagues most foreign nationals working in the US at this point in time. Since they are not permanent residents, they cannot avail themselves of cheap rates on their life insurance policies as compared to those offered to US citizens. In fact, you might have trouble signing up for a policy because most companies ask for proof of residence and green card status before they issue policies to people who are not US nationals.

However, you will be able to get an idea of the rates that might apply by checking out insurance plans for foreign workers in your state. To avail of this benefit, you will have to contact the relevant department at your company or organization, which is responsible for monitoring such issues. You can compare insurance rates of foreign nationals in your state by referring to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

1. If you are a non-US citizen living in the USA on an H1B visa, or any other work-related visas, then you are not qualified for getting life insurance unless you have already applied for Green Card status.

2. If you are an international student studying in the USA on an F1 visa, you can apply for life insurance, but it will be at higher rates of interest.

3. If you are an illegal immigrant working or residing in the US without any documentation from the government, then you cannot get a life insurance for immigrants policy because there is no proof that they exist.

How does life insurance work for foreign nationals?

Life insurance for foreign nationals is a great way to ensure that your family can pay off any debts you might have left behind if anything happens to you unexpectedly. Life insurance premiums are based on the total amount of money you earn each month or year, and since foreign nationals often work in the US under short-term contracts, they end up paying very high rates of interest on life insurance.

There are several types of life insurance policies that foreign nationals can avail of if they have a green card or some other proof that they will continue to reside in the US from one month to the next. In fact, you may even be able to get a cheaper policy from a local agent who has been dealing with people from your country for a long time.

This is an area where you will have to do a lot of research because the application process can be complicated if you are not well-versed with American policies and procedures. While looking for life insurance at low rates, you might come across sales agents who take advantage of your unfamiliarity with English to sell their products at higher rates. This is why you should read all the fine print and compare policies from various vendors to get the best deal and the most appropriate plan.

Life insurance for non-US citizens can be a difficult proposition, especially if you do not have a green card because companies prefer to sell policies only to US nationals who can provide evidence that they live and work in this country. Foreign nationals on temporary visas and those without proof of residence and employment can find it difficult to find affordable life insurance unless they have a family member or spouse who is permanently based in the US.

Top 5 Life Insurance Companies for Foreign Nationals

There are several insurance brands that have a good reputation for dealing with foreign nationals who live and work in the US. Here is a list of top life insurance providers from which you can choose the best plan:


It provides plans for non-US citizens, H1B visas, F1 students, and other types of temporary residence.


Offers life insurance to foreign nationals, F1 students, and others with a work contract of less than one year.

New York Life

It has a wide variety of policies for people who are living in the US on a temporary or work visa.


It provides life insurance to international students, works visa holders, and others who do not have US citizenship.


This brand offers various products for students studying in the USA on a J1 visa and other types of temporary stays.

What Are the Benefits of Life Insurance?

  • It is a necessary expense to keep your loved ones secure and safe.
  • You can choose the kind of coverage you need based on your budget and requirements.
  • It provides tax benefits for those who qualify.
  • A life insurance policy will allow you to help your family members by ensuring that they receive regular monthly income even after you are gone.

What Are the Disadvantages of Life Insurance?

You might not qualify if you are on a short-term work visa without proof of employment.

Premiums tend to be higher for non-US citizens, but it all depends on your plan and needs.

The application process can be complicated if you do not speak English well enough to explain your requirements.

It might take a long time to get the first payment, depending on the type of policy you choose.

You might even need to provide extra information about your health if you are overweight or have any history of serious illness, disease, or disability.

Life insurance for foreign nationals is not compulsory, but it can prove to be very useful in times of need. Instead of worrying about your family or dependents, you can take care of their future needs by spending a little now on the right plan.


With so many companies offering policies for foreign nationals, and non-residents, you should be able to find the right plan without any problems. Make sure you find out the premiums, payment schedule, and other details before finalizing your purchase.

You can compare online quotes to get a sense of what is available in the market today. Do your research and compare all available options before picking a policy that meets your requirements and budget.